Charles Svec, Inc.
Manufacturer of block, specializing in architectural split-face and design units.

Oberfields, Inc.
Manufacture of block, standard gray block, split-face and colored units.


Belden Brick
Made in Sugarcreek Ohio. Specialize in residential and commercial brick. Any size, color, texture, shape. Belden is the standard of comparison in the brick industry.

Bowerston Brick
Made in Ohio, residential and commercial brick. Also available in many colors shapes, sizes and texture.

Lawrenceville Brick
Great looking cored brick available in oversize or modular at reasonable cost. Made in Laweranceville Virginia.

Old Virginia
Great colonial looking sand mold brick.

Redland Brick
Four different plants make up Redland, Two Sand mold plants (Cushwa and Rocky Ridge) and two cored brick plants (Harmar & KF) . Sand mold plants give the colonial look for a great residential brick.

Man Made (Cultured) Stone

Cultured Stone (Boral)
Boral Cultured has the widest range of stone styles along with many different stone looks. Cultured has about any style of stone that you could be looking for.

Dutch Quality
Wide range of stone colors for each stone style. D.Q has a very nice selection.

Heritage Stone
Good looking stone with many earthly color tones, that is conveniently boxed for easy shipping, and handling on the job-site.

Nice range of color and very nice stone texture. Accessories are great looking.

Stone Craft
Stone Craft seems to excel in the cobble stone look and features hard to find stone styles, such as the Foundation Stone.


Specialize in masonry mortars, different strengths and pre mixed colors.