Retaining wall

Retaining Walls








      Multiple sizes to accomplish the Mosaic pattern.

The block measure 16"x 12"x 6"  80 lbs per piece.   

                             Caps 16"x 12"x 4"  51 lbs per cap.


These block are engineered to retain materials without reinforcemant up to 4 to 4 and a half feet.   It is a simple pin system,  that allow the block to line up with a 3/4" regress.  For taller walls these block are perfect for the job along with the use of Marfi reinforcemant fabric.


Edington Wall 


Rustic tumbled Edington Block are great for sitting walls, walls less than 4', as well as flower beds and fire pits.  

Block measeure 4"x8"x12" in multiple colors.  click here for colors and options.