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Raffinato Fire Pit 

Belvedere Firepit Kit:


What better way to enjoy your outdoor living area than to  gather around a beautiful fire pit with friends and family? The natural stone look of the Rosetta Fire Pit Kit transforms your outdoor space into an inviting, warm retreat.  Precast concrete is fire-safe and engineered to weather the hardest outdoor elements.



                                  Click Picture for design instructionsKit pallet


 Belvedere fire pit kit (seen on right) contains;

All different sizes pieces and cap pieces to create a15" X 58" diameter ring. Indluding steel ring and adhesive for coping.

See installation Guide for all deminsions and construction

 Click here or picture for installation guide



firepit by the lake

Base material and pea gravel avaliable, but in not included in the kit price.

Belvedere Fire pit kit (as seen above)






Edington Fire pits 

Edington Fire pit on PaversEdington fire pits colors; top to bottom , Earthstone, Flagstone,   Canyon creek, Quarrystone.

  edington earthstone

edington flagstone

edington canyon creek

edington quarrystone           

  • Edingtone fire pits are constructed of wedge shape block.  
  • Each block fit perfect side by side to make a 4' outside diameter ring. 

  • 13 wedges make one ring. 

  • 4 corses of those rings make a 14" tall fire pit. (like picture above)

  • Edington fire pits are avalible with or without steel insert rings.


Foyer Fireplace

Create your own look by customizing a already assembled ready for finish fireplace.

Select the exterior finish of the frieplace to create the style and look you want.

Round Grove Fireplace



Edington Fireplace